The Map

This map was published in the Nightingale, the local Inistioge newsletter many years ago. Tom Dack also did maps for Sim Tracy based on it . He also did maps up to Sheestown, above Bennetsbridge for Sim. Sim says he wanted to do up to Kilkenny, but above Sheestown , couldn’t find anyone who knew the names of the places.  Cot Fishing legally stopped above Inistioge in the 40’s, I think, but the Inistioge guys used to come up river as far as Bennetsbridge even after that, and would have known the names of places up to there, I imagine. Fishermen on the upper river long gone now I imagine , any left would have to be well into 90’s . Possibly a lady called Fidelma Maddock , who wrote a book about the river, may have been the original source of this map. Maddock (Fidelma): The cot fishermen of the River Nore. In Kilkenny history and society (1990).

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